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Why You Need a Wedding Album

Your wedding day was joyous and wonderful, but time flew by too fast. You wish that you could relive the day over and over. Thankfully you can when you book a good wedding photographer, but what are you going to do with your images?

You will share the images online for your guests and those who could not attend. You will also order prints for your home, your family and your wedding party since photography is a great gift! Hopefully you will also backup the images online or in a separate location.

These are all great options, but how are you going to show your images to your children and grandchildren? Technology changes so quickly: DVDs are becoming the new obsolete VHS and computers are removing optical drives. Our current storage options might be gone in ten, twenty or fifty years.

A beautifully designed and crafted wedding album lasts a lifetime. It is a tangible product that you can pick up, flip through it, show it off at work and relive your day. You do not get the same experience with digital files. A wedding album also becomes your first family heirloom filled with unforgettable memories.

My parents have been married for almost forty years and it’s a joy to look back at their wedding album. My mom wore a long-sleeved yellow dress and awesome platform shoes, while my dad looked dapper in his army uniform (check out the images!). Their wedding story is beautifully preserved and allows them to relive the day that has led to almost forty years of happiness. It’s also preserved the styles of the 70s and given my sisters and I a few laughs. This is why you need a wedding album.

I highly recommends investing in a wedding album. I offer five options for custom-designed wedding albums and books that are elegant, modern and timeless. No distractions, crazy borders or effects. We focus on simplicity and beautiful imagery. Relive your wedding day over and over with The Paper Elephant wedding albums.


Made with old world craftsmanship and covered in an array of luxurious European leathers. Available in 8×10 and 11×14 sizes with twenty or forty pages.
Wedding Albums - Premium Leather - The Paper Elephant


Made with deep grain fine art paper and wrapped in beautiful silk, linen or canvas fabric. Available in 11×14 size with twenty or forty pages.

Wedding Albums - Fine Art - The Paper Elephant


Made with fine art watercolor paper, wrapped in genuine leather and fashioned after an artist’s journal. Available in 12×12 size with twenty or forty pages.

Wedding Albums - Watercolor Journal - The Paper Elephant


Made with magazine style pages and wrapped in beautiful silk, linen or canvas fabric. Available in 12×18 size with twenty or forty pages.

Wedding Albums - Magazine Book - The Paper Elephant


Made with a photo wrapped cover or wrapped in elegant linen bookcloth. Available in 6×8 size with twenty pages or 8×10 sizes with twenty or forty pages.

Wedding Albums - Image Book - The Paper Elephant

Interested in learning more about our wedding albums? Contact us today!

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