"And most of all, she truly captured us."


- chelsea, bride

A good photograph shows you in the most flattering light. A great photograph shows who you are in the most flattering light.


Where most people have a set photographic style and a bunch of preconceived ideas, we tailor our photos to our clients. After all, shouldn’t your photography fit you perfectly? 

That’s the difference when you work with photographers who care about who you are as a person and how you relate as a couple before anything else. Because we take the time to get to know our clients, your photos will reflect your true personalities. 

We believe in photos that are not only magazine-worthy but are also a collection of timeless memories that show how you lived in the moments of your day. 

We believe the photographs are about the wedding, but the wedding is not about the photographs. 

See your wedding day in your mind’s eye for a moment. What do you envision? Beautiful details, all the people who love you, sips of champagne, endless hugs, and laughing until your sides hurt? We say yes, please, to all of that.

We’re experienced photographers whose guidance and moral support before the wedding permit you to truly live your day. Go ahead and lose yourselves in the feelings; we’ll find you and capture everything. 

Aren’t afraid to get down on the dance floor, Louboutins and all.

our dream clients

We believe that classics go the distance, and when they inspire modern-day life it results in timeless elegance. Clean lines and beautiful styling will never be “out” because they’ve stood the test of time. 

Our clients feel this way too, they want their wedding photos to be unaffected by trends that come and go. We’re committed to creating original, classic photographs that you will love for years and years to come. 

Are a bit modern, and a little bit classic. 

our dream clients


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here's how this thing works

01  Let’s Meet

All the best stories start with how you met. Let’s meet in person at my downtown studio if we can or phone/video chat if you’re out of town. We want to hear...everything.

02  Let's Make it Official & Plan

To book us for your wedding we require a $1000 retainer and a signed contract and then we’re all yours. We’re team #yourwedding; with every detail planned to make you swoon and to allow you to truly explore love on your wedding day. 

03  Let’s Engage

With an engagement session, that is! We include engagement sessions in all of our wedding day packages. We like to think of it as a first date, a getting-to-know-you session. We can help with everything from location to styling. The goal is that your engagement photos capture you during this special time between the i-dos. 

04  Let’s Check-in

We touch base about six months out to assist with the timeline and to start gathering names of the important people involved in your day as well as any other details needed.

05  Let's Chat Final Wedding Details

Our final planning meeting happens about two weeks before the wedding, and we’ll go over every step of the day. 

06  Let's Go

On your wedding day, all you have to do is take it all in. Relax, have fun, breathe…. Take time for long kisses and to savor moments that feel like they go on forever. We’ll be there preserving all the memories. 

07  Delivery

Enjoy social media previews posted the day after the wedding. Your full gallery posted on your one-month anniversary. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy! Don’t forget to share your images!

08  Let's Preserve the Feeling

We’re not content to see those beautiful moments from your wedding hanging out on a hard drive. We’re here to help you design and show off those amazing photographs with carefully curated albums and wall art. We’ll help you make the perfect choice for your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

They went so far above and beyond what we ever would have expected or hoped for - capturing the details of every moment AND the emotions behind them. 


"She made us feel like we were her only clients throughout the whole process, constantly giving us her undivided attention."

She helped us feel comfortable and like our true selves were reflected in all aspects of our wedding process. Highly recommend her and the company. Cannot say enough nice things!

"The quality of the phots and products that we received was amazing."


There wasn't a single moment where I felt uncomfortable, and as the shoot progressed, I got more and more excited to see what she came up with next. Her photographer's eye is immaculate, her wonderful personality is contagious and I've never had more fun. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, wants to have an experience of a lifetime, feel supported and like an absolute queen, look no farther.

"I would recommend Tegan to absolutely anyone!"



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