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Happy Mother’s Day

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When I was younger my mom worked for a book company, so we always had hundreds of books in the house. Every night before bed I would curl up and listen to her read me a story. My mom helped me win an award for reading the MOST nursery rhymes in kindergarten. She was also the coolest mom in town reading me the Goosebumps series and Choose Your Own Adventure books. She continues to be the first person I go to for book recommendations (and films). My parents go out on date nights a few times a week and one night is usually to the movies.

We also bonded over our weekly episode of Beverly Hills 90210 every Wednesday night. Jason Priestley was my crush on the show and Ian Ziering hers. 90210 has been replaced with The Walking Dead and my mom taking notes on things to discuss about the show (and Talking Dead) next time we talk, which is almost every day.

My mom was there for me when I moved away from home to attend college. My parents called me ten minutes after they left my house in tears, but very proud of me and excited for my new adventure. My mom was also there for me every step of planning my wedding and marriage, even though she lives a thousand miles away. Plane rides, phone calls, skype chats, text messages, emails, pinterest boards and more.. she was there. My mom wanted my wedding day to be everything I had ever wanted and made sure every detail (no matter how big or small) was perfect for me. She used to do the same thing when I was a child, fixing my pony tail every time I complained that it was not perfectly centered at the top of my head. She continues to always be there for my family and I. I like to think I am her favorite daughter, but my three sisters think they are too.

My mom has always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to make me laugh, or a someone to talk to me at midnight as I drive two hours home from a wedding. Just this morning I wished my mom a Happy Mother’s Day and she asked, “Did the cats get you something, maybe kitty litter?” Wait, what? “Mom, the cats giving me kitty litter is like me giving you toilet paper. That’s not a gift I want.” This led to several minutes of laughing and more proof that I have the coolest mom ever. Happy Mother’s Day!!

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my Mommy you’ll be.

Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant
Mother's Day - The Paper ElephantI love that we switched hair colors!
Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant
Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant
Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant
Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant

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