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Happy Father’s Day

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When I was a toddler I had a shirt that read “I look just like my daddy.” I loved wearing that shirt and thought my dad was so cool. I also looked just like him with my big blue eyes.

When my mom would say no (which didn’t happen too often) my sisters and I would go to dad. He could not say no to his four little girls, especially after a few tears. When I was shopping for my wedding dress I fell in love with a gown over my budget (of course!). I called up my dad and told him it was “the one”. He told me if I couldn’t imagine getting married in any other dress then I needed to get this gown.

We used to go to the Mall of America all the time when I was a kid. I was scared of the drops in the log chute ride. Several times I would get to the front of the line and chicken out. My dad knew me well and knew that I could be bribed with toys. If I got scared and wanted to turn back he would persuade me to go on the ride with a Barbie doll. Sometimes it worked, other times I still chickened out. Looking back now I am thankful for all those Barbie dolls because I now love fast, gut-wrenching rides.

My dad never wanted my sisters or I to miss out on any experience, no matter how young or old we are. I remember visiting my parents a few years ago with my husband for Thanksgiving. My dad took me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios while my mom and hubby stayed back to prepare a large feast. We were first in line long before the park opened. When the gates opened my dad and I took off at a run. He knew exactly the path to take and what to see first so we didn’t wait forever in lines. He didn’t want me to miss a moment and was willing to go on every ride and attraction a second or third time to make sure I had the perfect Potter experience. Thanks to my parents (and the Barbie bribes) I can say that I have been cave tubing, zip-lining through the jungle, parasailing, mountain climbing, thrill seeking and more.

As a wedding photographer and wife, I can say that the moments before my dad walked me down the aisle and our dance together were so important to me. I am so thankful to have so many photographs and video that capture the nervousness, tears and laughter in the moments we shared together.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! You put up with a lot from four daughters over the years and deserve more than one day to be celebrated.

Happy Father's Day - The Paper Elephant
Happy Father's Day - The Paper Elephant
Happy Father's Day - The Paper Elephant
Happy Father's Day - The Paper Elephant

I love these pictures – the moment my dad saw me in my wedding dress.

Happy Father's Day - The Paper Elephant
Mother's Day - The Paper Elephant

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